Abstracto Labs is a small software company created by a group of higher education instructors, graduate students and software developers. We aim to develop innovative software by revealing gaps in the software already on the market.

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The developers at Abstracto Labs don’t just create software, we study HOW software is created. Then, we design software to help developers do their jobs more creatively more efficiently.

Abstracto Labs is led by Cristobal Tapia, head software designer and Doctoral Candidate at the University of Madrid in Spain. Through many years’ experience working as a freelance and independent code writer, Tapia came to understand the challenges faced by all who spend countless hours, days and months in the sometimes tedious work of writing the source code that eventually becomes software.

Through his experiences, both on his own and working in his capacity as a university instructor, Tapia came to see the shortcomings and limitations of the many commercially-available tools that have been designed to help software developers. He created Abstracto Labs as an incubator to bring to market the many ideas he has formulated and tested that will make the job of the professional software developer more productive.

CodeMiniMaps is the first of many such products.